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boat trips Trogir

Trogir is a small historic town, located in the Central Dalmatia.
The old part of town is situated on a small island between the land and another island, called Ciovo island. Trogir town is a tourist paradise and a true boating destination. In this article we birng you the list of top islands to visit in Dalmatia. Book a boat trip from Trogir to the nearby islands.

Solta island

Solta island is an amazing, untouched island, situated in the Trogir archipelago, only 9 nautical miles away from Split. There are 8 major settlements on the island: Grohote, Stomorska, Necujam, Rogac, Maslinica, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo, Donje Selo, but we will go over only the ones that are important for boaters from Trogir or Split.  Even though Solta has a very good connection to Split via ferry, to explore all the beauties of the island, we highly recommend to rent a boat in Trogir. There is no better way to reach all the lonely bays on the south side of the island. Crystal pure water and no one around you to bother you while you’re trying to relax. 

Maslinica Solta fortress


Hvar is not the biggest island in Dalmatia, but it definitely is the longest island. 
It is situated between the islands of Brac, Vis and Korcula and it has the perfect position for the sailing routes. Hvar residence mostly work in fishing industry and tourism. Even though, you might say the tourism is the new age main income of the island. Island has the perfect climate, so it’s no surprise that it often called “The sunny Hvar”. It is true. It is always sunny in Hvar. 

The main town of the island holds the same name as the island. Hvar town is located on the south side of the island, just next to Pakleni islands which generate a great archipelago for boating. 

Hvar town was founded as the old greek colony. The infrastructure of the town is amazing and it offers so much in the sightseeing department. 
The most importnat structure in the town is Fortica fortress. 
Fortica was built in the 18th century and the main purpose of the fort was the defense of the island. 
The fort had a fort captain and 12 soldiers in the fort. 4 out of 12 soldiers were in charge of the 4 cannons, which were the main means of defense. 
After the 18th century the fort was abandoned because Hvar town lost it’s strategic purpose. At those times, the locals believed the fort was occupied by the witches and the mystical powers. 
Now the fort has been restored and it is used as a great tourist attraction and it really offers a lot. The view is stunning and you simply have to climb up to the fort. The rest of the infrastructure is also beautiful. Narrow “kale” streets, town’s theater, which is one of the oldest theaters in Europe, the sanctuary and the museum..  
In the last couple of years Hvar town has also become the best party destination in the region. EMF Ultra Europe is also organized on the island of Hvar. 
This is the perfect destination for younger and older generations. You simply cannot skip it. 

Hvar town

Drvenik Veli and the Blue Lagoon

Drvenik Veli is an island situated in the Trogir archipelago, northwest from the island of Solta. It is only 15 minutes away from Trogir by boat and it is a perfect island for the boating lovers. The island is populated by people and connected to Trogir by ferry. The biggest settlement on the island has the same name as the island itself, Drvenik Veli. This peaceful and quiet village brings the feeling that the time has stopped. The island coast of the island is full of small beaches and the hidden bays. The island is surrounded with a lot of smaller islands as well.  Of course, the settlement is located in the biggest bay of the island, on the west side of the island. However, interesting bays to visit are also Solinska and Pernatice, which are located on the south side of the island.
On the east side of the island, there are two smaller islands, Krknjas Veli and Krknjas Mali. Those two islands, together with the island Drvenik Veli generate the place called the Blue Lagoon. This beautiful lagoon is amazing looking, especially in pre-season and post-season times when it is not so crowded with boats. The light blue color of the water is stunning.

Blue lagoon Trogir


Brac island is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in Croatia. It covers an area of 396 square meters and every inch of the island is beautiful in its own way. Vidova gora, the highest point of the island stands at 780 meters and generates an amazing view of the archipelago.

Even though all the sides of the island are beautiful, we will only cover the locations suitable to visit from Trogir or Split by boat. 

Milna town is located on the west side of the island, near the Split gates. 
Milna is a small fishermen town, quiet and peaceful. Even though the main profession over the years has always been fishing, Milna town, same as any other town on the islands, is turning to tourism. They’ve built the marinas for sailing boats and now it is a great boating destination.
This is a perfect place to have a stop for a walk or morning coffee. 

On the south side of the island, in the Smrka bay, you can find the military tunnel. 
This secret tunnels were used as military bases by the great Yugoslavian army. 
It is an interesting destination to visit on your way to visit the beautiful sandy beaches on the south side of the island or the most famous beach, the Golden horn. 


Vis, Blue cave, Green cave

Vis island is the furthest inhabited island in Croatia. 
It is 40 nautical miles away from Split and it is a long ride to reach it by boat. Bot, oh boy is it worth it. 
At the time of Yugoslavia, the entire island was considered to be a military base, so no civilian people, other than the people who were already living on the island were allowed to come to the island. 
Following that, the distance of the island only contributed in preserving the natural beauties of the island. Komiza town is one of the most beautiful and peaceful towns in Dalmatia. The nearby Bisevo island and the famous Blue cave, or the “Blue Grotto” is the reason for the rising popularity. The entire south side of the island of Vis is full of small caves and cavities. Besides the most famous destinations of course, Stiniva beach and the Green cave. 
The north side of the island is also quite amazing due to sandy beaches like Smokova beach and Stoncica beach. 
Also, the north side also hides a few military tunnels from the time of Yugoslavia. 
Therefor, if you are planning a trip to Croatia, make sure you don’t skip the Vis island and the caves.


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