MUST VISIT islands in Croatia

List of islands in Central Dalmatia that you simply MUST VISIT

Dalmatia is a region in Croatia that offers so much in the terms of authentic and beautiful locations that simply fill your “must visit” list. 
And if you are one of those travelers who made the right choice by putting Croatia on your bucket list, Dalmatia isn’t something you should skip. The whole Dalmatian coast is filled with lovely and authentic towns and villages, however the Dalmatian archipelago has the richest islands that definitely shouldn’t be missed. How to reach those lovely islands is completely up to you. 
A lot of Croatian islands are connected by ferry. Jadrolinija connects even the smallest inhabited islands to the mainland. 
A better option would be to chose the boat transfer to one of the islands, especially if you desire to have your accommodation on the islands. 
If you have the accommodation booked on the mainland, there is another perfect option for you. Escape the crowded city’s routine, like the one in Split town by booking a daily boat trip from Split to one or more beautiful islands.
Some of the best islands like Hvar, Brac, Solta are within your reach. Secret beaches, lonely bays, a lot of sun and clear water. 
Daily boat tour to Hvar, Brac and Solta offers you plenty of time for exploring, swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. 
Let’s face it. You were already google-ing what to see and what islands you should visit while you’re in Croatia. 
To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the places we would recommend.

Pakleni islands

Pakleni islands translates to „Hell islands“ but worry not; that is merely a name that was generated from the local saying: “It’s hot as hell in here”. More precise description would be exactly the opposite. Heaven on Earth. Or at least Heaven in Croatia. At approximately 10 kilometers in length, Pakleni Islands are a jewel of Dalmatia that attracts many sailors, sun seekers, swimmers, nudists(yes, there is a whole bay dedicated to “skinny dippers), and nature lovers throughout the busy summer. 
Pakleni islands are also well known for many bars and restaurants, like Carpe Diem, which is really a place to be. During the day it is a great place to lounge with wooden deck-chairs and parasols, all while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Even though Pakleni islands are quite popular and therefore, populated, you can still hire a boat and escape the crowds by visiting one of the secluded bays.
Find your peaceful spot and enjoy your getaway with nothing but the crystal blue sea, warm sun and beautiful nature.


Hvar island

At the age of media and social networks, where we are being bombed by the worldwide famous celebrities, you must have heard about Hvar as well. 
Many famous people like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Prince William, Juan Mata, Rihanna, etc. have visited Hvar in the summertime. The historic old town of Hvar is full of places worth visiting and exploring, bars to grab a drink and restaurants that serve authentic Croatian food. 
Walking trough the narrows streets of Hvar, the smell of lavender will awaken your senses and relax you. 
Attractions that shouldn’t be missed are Fortica Fortress, Hvar cathedral, Hvar Theatre and Arsenal, as wll as the Franciscan Monastery. 
If you are not the type of person who is keen on sightseeing, you are welcomed to spend your free time enjoying some of the breathtaking beaches. 

Besides the sightseeing attractions, Hvar town is also well known as one of the best party destinations. 
A place where party never stops. No wonder a lot of guests from England and the United states visit Hvar especially for those reasons. 

Sightseeing lover, party seeker or simply someone who is searching for a getaway.. 
No matter to which group you belong, despite being small, Hvar town offers something for everyone. 


Brac island

Island of Brac is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in the Adriatic. 
It is an island of culture, adventure and history spanning over centuries. Zlatni Rat is a one-kilometer long beach that consists of tiny pebble stones that have rolled down from the beautiful “Vidova Gora”. The most interesting thing about the Golden Horn is that the peak of the beach changes it’s direction from left to right and right to left, depending on the sea currents and wind. 

The legend states some of the pebbles have magic powers. We are not superstitious, but we do invite you to pick a pebble or two and take it back home as a souvenir. After all, you never know.

Brac island was quite important during the war time. Especially for Split, due to it’s strategic position. 
The passage between Solta and Brac is called the Split gates. Therefor, it was only logical to build the secret military bases on the island. 
The military carved the secret tunnels into the island. Those tunnels were mostly used as hideout for submarines and military ships. The tunnels can be reached and explore by boat from the seaside.  
The fun part is that the “Tarzan” rope hanging in the middle of the tunnel is the perfect way to make the throwback into your child days. 

Solta island

An old proverb says that true love goes through the stomach. Ask any Soltan resident and he will agree. 
Therefor, it does not come as a surprise that the domestic food on Solta island is so delicious. 
If you decide to visit Solta island, prepare yourself to get swept off your feet by its breath-taking nature and relaxed island life.
Pine trees smell, healthy olive oil flavor and the warm sun will make you want to extend your stay. and create long-lasting memories. We recommend visiting Stomorska village and the restaurant Turanj if you desire to create long-lasting memories. 
The smell of the traditional, famous Dalmatian dishes like Grilled fish, Octopus salad, Black risotto will make you drool even before the food reaches the table.

While Necujam bay may not be the most beautiful bay of the island of Solta, it certainly is one of the most relaxing bays.  
The best way to find refreshment during the hot summer is to dive into the crystal clear sea, explore the sunken ship hidden in the bay, or simply grab a Mojito or two from our local “Mojito guy”. 
Mojito guy is always there when you need him.


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