Skipper’s licenses acknowledged in Croatia

Skipper's license in Croatia

If you are looking to hire a boat in Croatia you have two possible options. The first and easier option is to hire a professional skipper who can captain the boat for you. 
However, a lot of people enjoy boating actively and prefer to captain the boat by themselves. 

If you belong to the second group and a bare boat charter is your thing and you possess a skipper license, you are probably wondering:

Is my boating license valid in Croatia?


Croatian citizens usually posses “B” skipper license that was acquired in Croatia, or a “C” skipper license, which almost has the same restrictions, except it is used in commercial purposes. Everyone who took the skipper course outside of Croatia can check if their skipper license is on the list of acknowledged skipper licences in Croatia.

There is also another option. You can take the test in Croatia – On English!

If you would like to take the skipper license test here in Croatia, you might come to an understanding that it is actually pretty simple (At least for “A” and “B”).

C skipper license Croatia

You can take the test in almost every harbor master’s office in Croatia. They organize the test usually once per week. The best (OR THE WORST) part is that the test consists only out of theoretical part. No sailing practice at all! If you do decide to do it this way, we strongly encourage you to book a skipper training. It might just help you not to look like a complete jackass on the water and wreck a brand new boat.

The price for taking the exam is approximately 70€. Documents that are required for the test:

1. Filled up form request for taking the test with a 40 Kuna tax-stamp. 2. Two photos: 2.5 x 3.5 cm 3. Copy of your ID/Passport

The licences acquired in Croatia are valid all over the world. Therefore, it is well worth it to take the skipper license exam in Croatia and obtain your license.

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