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Rise and shine. It is time to start the best boat tour in Central Dalmatia, the highlight of your vacation in Croatia.
Your skipper is picking you up on the agreed meeting point, Trogir or Split.The very next moment you will find yourself cruising trough the boundless Adriatic sea.
With nothing but the wind in your hair, one pleasant hour ride later, we will be arriving to The Pakleni Islands. Pakleni translates to „Hellish“. This group of islands is named like this due to local saying: „It is hot as hell.“ Don’t let the name discourage you, as we believe those islands relate more to heaven than they do to hell. The crystal pure water of the countless bays makes you feel you are looking trough a glass and it will entice you to jump in for a refreshment. After finishing your first swim of the day, it is time to get dressed and head for the town of Hvar.
Prince William has been there, Juan Mata has been there, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been there.. And now, you can check it off your list as well. 

The old town of Hvar provides plenty in the historical sightseeing department. And if you want to take some amazing photos to make your friends at home jealous, climb up to Fortica, the medieval fortress. The view is stunning. After the coffee break and sightseeing, it is time to hop back into the boat and cruise towards the secret beach on the Island of Brac.
This Golden horn type of beach is everything you could dream of. Lonely, sandy beach with azure water will be your personal haven for the next one and a half hour. We will provide you with the snorkeling equipment, so you can explore not only above the surface, but also underneath. . This is a perfect place for sun lovers. You can feel the warmth of the sun tanning your skin. And cicadas, the familiar sound of summer will simply force you to relax.
Our next stop is going to be the secret military tunnel, which was used as submarine hideout at the time of Yugoslavia. This amazing piece of  Croatian history, a relic from a forgoten time is really something worth seeing. However, even though history can be quite interesting, that is not the main reason we are visiting this place. The Tarazn rope, placed by the local fishermen as the means of getting  from one side of the tunnel to another is now being used as a great source of fun. But don’t take our word for it. You can try it for yourself. With the war tunnel visit, we are finishing our cruise around Brac island.
It is time to set our course for Stomorska village on the island of Solta. We will be docking our boat in this peaceful and quiet village, right in front of the restaurant. The restaurant is placed just next to the water and the very first step you make is gonna place you inside the restaurant. With the local dalmatian ambient and delicious domestic food this is the perfect place to have lunch. However, lunch is optional, and for those who would like to skip it, a walk and some ice cream is a great way to make the time fly. Although, it will be hard to resist tasting the food after the smell of dalmatian kitchen strikes you. Grilled fish, Octopus salad, Black risotto, Tomato pasta..
Our last stop, before we head home is called Necujam bay. A sunken ship inside the bay is going to be the perfect place for snorkeling and our last swim of the day. As the day is coming to an end, unfortunately, it is time to head back home.. Another 30 minutes ride, we will be back at our starting destination in Split or Trogir.


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