Coronavirus in Croatia – Is it safe to travel?

Coronavirus in Croatia

UPDATED DAILY: 12.06.2020.

As the total number of the infected by COVID-19, well known under the name of Coronavirus reaches 7 500 000 (To be precise – 6 622 027 infected on the 12.06.2020.) we feel it is worth addressing the true facts. Take note that most of the reported cases of the infected originate from Asia, with the vast majority from China. Despite those facts, the Coronavirus had indeed spread to Europe with Italy, France, UK and Spain being the biggest center of the infection.
However, what does it mean for the summer of 2020 if you’re planning your trip to Croatia?


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Total number of infected people in Croatia

Total number of infected people in Croatia.

Coronavirus has reached Croatia. The total number of infected people in Croatia has risen to 2249.
The most of the infected are located in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia.

Split, the second biggest city in Croatia and the biggest city in Dalmatia is no longer infection free. 549 reported cases of Coronavirus infection in Dalmatia.

All of the infected people are feeling well with no complications.

Number of cured people in Croatia

All of the infected are under quarantine – waiting to recover. 
Unfortunately, we have our first victims of the Coronavirus as well. 
107 people have died so far in Croatia. However, they were previously diagnosed with other diseases – having collapsed immune system.
2113 patients have recovered completely. 
When you add up those numbers, Croatia has the total of 9 infected people at the moment.


Number of infected people at the moment.

Should I be worried about travelling to Croatia?

The short answer would be NO
The long answer would be that Croatia is quite safe and healthy country. However, at the moment the best precaution would be to protect yourself, stay safe, stay healthy and wait out to see how the situation with the COVID-19 revolves. 
There are no direct flights from China to Croatia. Despite the virus outbreak in Italy, Croatia is still quite safe and the border controls have risen the awareness. Our government is taking good precautions to control the virus and we are expecting it to be controlled by the summer.

As a precaution, starting from 19.03.2020. Croatian government has had issued an order to shut down all the restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, sport centers, shops, except for the pharmacies and food markets. The schools, kinder gardens and universities are under lock down as well. 
One month has passed since this measures took place and Croatia is finally ready to loosen the restrictions. 

Croatia is without hesitation taking all the safety and precaution measures for the safety of our country. 

Croatia has approx. 4 million people and only 2249 reported cases of the infection

Croatia has a total of 4,076 million people – if you add those living and working in Croatia illegally the numbers add up to 4.5 million. 
With the population of 4.5 million people and the total 2249 reported cases – the numbers are rather small. Take note that more than 95% of the infected have already recovered. That being said, Croatia at the moment has the total of 9 infected people.
Croatian government is taking everything in their power to control and end the infection.

Current advisory level for Croatia

The US State Department has 4 advisory levels – scaling from level 1 up to level 4. 
Level 1 would be the lowest level. It is used for the countries with no reported risks or issues. 
Level 4 would be for high risk countries and it suggests against all travels except for the essential trips. 

Croatia Advisory Level 1: Exercise normal precautions in Croatia.

Current advisory level for Croatia is 1

There are also no known restrictions nor advisory levels for Croatia by the UK and Australian government. 
As the matter of fact – there are no advisories for Croatia at all.  

Croatia is a summer destination

Best time to travel to Croatia would be between May and October. 
Croatia is a summer destination – on the top of the list of places to visit for 2020. 
It has been reported that COVID-19 slows down under high temperatures. 
And high temperatures are what we’re expecting for 2020!

Mass media panic is spreading, however Croatia is not concerned.
We are doing everything we can to keep our heads cool and calm, while practicing safe behavior.  
Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic urged the public not to give in to hysteria. “There is no need for panic or for doing anything out of the box.” Plenkovic said.


Is there a vaccine for Coronavirus?

People are teaming up to fight of the Coronavirus all over the world. 
Small biotech company from Boston – Moderna, the team of 100 scientists managed to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. The star of the team, Juan Andres is a chief of operations and quality control – It took them the only 42 days to develop the vaccine
Vaccine is soon to be tested and it is still questionable if it’s going to work. 
The  upside is that the predictions are good – The bad side is that it is gonna take at least 12 months for the vaccine to be available world wide for common use.
Meaning, if the COVID-19 becomes a seasonal infection, similar to flu, the vaccine is going to be available for the following winter. 

Another team of scientists claim that they have developed the cure for COVID-19. 
Professor David Peterson from the university in Queensland claim they have developed the cure and tested it on one of the first infected people in Australia. 
The patients have recovered completely with no side effects. 
The vaccine has been registered and it is already available in Australia. 

Due to the current state with the COVID-19, we are adopting as well. We have updated our cancellation policy for the following period.
We will be offering less strict booking options until the situation settles down.

While we wait for the situation to settle and for vaccine to be available – we will be fighting it the best way we know: 

Vitamin D + Vitamin Sea to fight of COVID-19!


We are expecting a long, warm and healthy summer in Croatia
As the bar in the thermostat is rising – we are expecting the COVID-19 panic and infections to disappear. With the healthy food and amazing climate, Croatia remains number 1 destination to visit in 2020!

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