Skipper training in Croatia

Learn the basics of steering, anchoring, docking, and mooring.

Learn to operate the boat. Book your skipper training course.

You are not confident about your boat operating skills? You are feeling a bit rusty about docking the boat? We just might have the perfect answer to your problems. 

Book a special skipper training course in Croatia. With one of our experienced skippers you will be in safe hands and ready to soak the knowledge. 
The skipper training course will be adapted accordingly to your level of knowledge. Basics of navigation, boat operating maneuvers, basics of docking the boat and rules in Croatia and much more.. 

Our skipper training course is reserved not only for beginners, but we encourage even the advanced users to request a skipper training for extra tips or simply to get to know the booked boat and the Central Dalmatia, your boating area. 

Skipper training is highly recommended for beginners who charter the boat for the first time or charter the boat in Croatia for more than one day. 
Skipper training can be done at the check-in, after showing you everything that you need to know about the hired boat. 

Skipper training course will make you feel secure and confident for the days to come. 
Gathered experience will be a long term investment in your boating skills. 

Request a skipper training