Your boat is safe hands.

Want us to manage your boat?

Our charter management program is designed for boat owners (or those looking to become one) who wish to return their investment or cover the boating expenses. And let’s face it. Boating expenses can be a bit high. After going over the expected costs with our management you will gain an insight on how it looks from our end. If you decide that charter management is not for you after all, our boat rental offer is there for your stress-free boating experience.

Choosing the right boat?

Our boat rental offer consist mostly of speed boats, scaling from 5 to 10 meters in size. So which boat is right for you?
When choosing the boat we take several factors into account. The first factor and the most important one is determining the client’s budget and preferred boat size. The second factor is that the boat meets the standards and demands of our boat fleet. The boat must meet the minimum safety and comfort equipment standards. 

How the boat is used?

The boat is under charter management, however, the client (you) as the owner of the boat still has the right to use the boat whenever he wants – unless the boat is already reserved for the chosen period. 
You must inform our management about the period you want to use the boat for yourself.
Take note that the for the high season period we prefer to keep the boat available for booking.

Expenses and Earnings

The initial investment is yours with all the accompanying costs:

Charter responsibility:

60:40% NET earnings split with the client being on the 60% end.

What about the legal side?

To be legally rented, the boat must be licensed for commercial use. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  • You have your own company and it is licensed for the commercial use via your company (We make the rental agreement between your company and ours). 
  • You, as the private owner, make a rental agreement with our company. All the paperwork is resolved via our company. The contract needs to be verified in the harbor master’s office, as well as in the tax office. 

The contract is made annually. Once the agreement expires you have the option of either renewing the contract or withdrawing from the deal. 
You can withdraw from the contract before the contract expires under certain rules, however, all of the reservations must be completed as agreed in good manner. 

Special rules:

The owner has the ability to make a reservation on his own boat and achieve an extra 15% profit on his own boat or any other boat from our boat rental offer. 

What boats are we looking for at the moment?

Boats that are interesting for our management at the moment to fulfill our fleet are based on the interest of the clients:

  • Jeanneau Merry fisher 695/Beneteau Antares 7
  • Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795/Beneteau Antares 8
  • RIB boat 6-8 m in size
  • Sundeck boat 6-8 m in size

We are not looking for boats older than 3 years (exceptions can be made) or brands that don’t fulfill our standards in quality.

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